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Random thoughts on 1x09 "Bereft."

The awkward moment when you ask a random stranger if he’s Superman and he suddenly rips his shirt open.

  • The fact there is continuity in this show brings me Glee, even if it led to AQUALAD BEING FORGOTTEN IN THE DESERT ;____; Poor guy. I want to know what he was mumbling in Atlantean. Something about Tula and Atlantis 6 months ago... I feel like it was a conversation with Tula about whether he should leave her and go be Aqualad or not. :'( GAH.
  • Only thing I really didn't like in this episode: Megan abandoning Aqualad to go save Superboy. THE GUY IS DYING IN THE DESERT ;___; FRIENDSHIP FAIL
  • But besides that, I was waiting for more proof that SB/MM wasn't just one-sided, and this episode definitely got me on board. ^^
    "Go kick his butt."

    "You're strong! And I'm stubborn!"

    "Can we keep it?"
  • Still on the fence on Arty/Wally, but their little flirty re-meeting interactions in this episode made me smile anyway, knowing they were totally going to regret it once they got their memories back. XDDD Ahahaha.
  • On a related note: Artemis comforting Aqualad. MY CRACKSHIP LIVES.
  • They're coming on with the canon shipping awfully quickly. TBH, I prefer it when it's more subtle for a while. Really hope they don't do the "breaking them up for drama" thing that goes on so often -.-
  • The only thing Robin remembered was Batman's "maintain radio silence." Batcommands are too strong to erase with simple mind control.
  • (Anyone else keep hearing Khary Payton(Aqualad)'s Cyborg voice for the nameless goons?)
  • I never realized how much "Psimon" would sound like "Simon" once you said it out loud. *fail*
  • Like people were saying, I really wish these episodes were longer! There could be so much more.


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May. 7th, 2011 04:14 am (UTC)
I don't think this would be akward for me cause i would be to busy enjoying the view. Superboy is so damn sexy! Oh if only he was real!!!
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