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Medium: Video Games
Fandom: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
Subject: Carth Onasi
Title: Faith
Warnings: This is if the player character in KotOR I was a light-sided female, so it's technically AU from canon. Major spoilers for KotOR I, as well as the fate of those characters in KotOR 2.
Notes: This actually spawned off of the KotOR I mix I made for them, but I’ve been working on that one for like 3 years now and I’m still not happy with it, so who knows if that’ll ever be shared. That one was called Trust, because trust was at the heart of their problems in that game. For the second one, it’s all about Faith. Faith that she’s still alive, that she’s coming back, that he’s doing the right thing by staying behind and protecting the Republic—despite not really understanding why. I tried to end it on a hopeful note at least!

Sorry about including two Owl City songs, I normally hate doing that. I originally replaced Vanilla Twilight with Bruno Mars’s Talking to the Moon, but I didn’t feel like it meshed as smoothly with the rest of the mix. I threw that track in the Box in case you want it anyway, because choices are nice.

LadyRev drawing in the coverart by callista1981.


1. “If My Heart Was A House” - Owl City
2. “Rachael” - She Wants Revenge
3. “Let Him Be” - Julie Moffitt
4. “Vanilla Twilight” - Owl City
5. “Heaven Forbid” - The Fray
6. “Time You’ll Never Get Back” - Williamson
7. “Duet” - Rachel Yamagata with Ray LaMontagne

"If My Heart Was A House" - Owl City
"T3, there's not much time - I've seen that expression on her face before..."

Circle me and the needles moves gracefully
Back and forth, if my heart was a compass you'd be North
Risk it all cause I'll catch you if you fall
Wherever you go, if my heart was a house you'd be home

"Rachael" - She Wants Revenge
"We saved the Republic. But it was like the war didn’t end for her. She would keep on remembering things that she had done, and it kept driving her. And she kept using it as a wall between us."

What if this does not belong to you,
And all the things you thought were true
Turned out to just be someone else's lies?

"Let Him Be" - Julie Moffitt
"And I think she finally remembered something terrible she had done during the Mandalorian Wars. And she went to put an end to it. She left without warning. She didn’t say where, only that it was to a place where she could not take anyone she loved."

He stirs and looks around
And I start to say something but it comes out as nothing
And he just smiles and goes back down
And the world outside begins to blur
All these things left unsaid make my stomach churn
And I wonder if I’ll ever have the nerve
…But I ride the line, and I let him be

"Vanilla Twilight" - Owl City
"No, she’s not dead! I feel like I would know. There’s just this… emptiness where she used to be."

I'll sit on the front porch all night
Waist deep in thought because when
I think of you I don't feel so alone

"Heaven Forbid" - The Fray
"It would have helped had she made him understand, but a hero of the Republic, no matter how brave, cannot understand war as Revan did."

Heaven forbid you end up alone
and don’t know why

How much longer
how long can you wait?

“Time You’ll Never Get Back” - Williamson
“I’ve waited for her to come back for almost four years. It doesn’t get any easier.”


"Duet" - Rachel Yamagata with Ray LaMontagne
"If… if you return to that place, if you find some trace of Revan..."
"Do you want me to tell you what I find?"
"No. Simply tell her...that Carth Onasi is waiting for her."

Oh Lover hold on ‘til I come back again
For these arms are growing tired and my tales are wearing thin…
‘Cause I remember what we said as we lay down to bed
We’ll be back soon as we make history.