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Note: I started this entry about a year ago, and it's kind of unfinished, but I'm posting it anyway.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a not-so-guilty pleasure/obsession of mine lately. My friend insisted I play it, and once I started I got hooked. Crazy person he is, he wanted me to play it 30 hours straight, and while I probably could have, it was midterm week. Which was a terrible time to start playing it, really, but I rarely think these things through.

The game hooked me mainly because of 3 reasons.
1. TERRIFIC story.
Every minute you're learning more and more about the world and the backstories of all the characters. Even after 2 playthroughs (LSF[Light Side Female] both times. I tried Darkside, but I just... couldn't. XD Fail, I know) I know there are still things I missed.

2. Journal full of tasks to complete.
The main reason why I couldn't stop playing? I have a serious love for lists. I don't know why. But as you go through the game, you keep unlocking these side quests, and I was so determined to finish them all.
Friend: Just get off the planet already. -_-
Friend: Whatever, you'll just get dark side points.
Me: :{

3. Romance sub-plot(s).
I've had the thought many times while playing various video games that it would be hilarious if you could flirt with NPCs.

I don't know what he's saying, but by god my character would be checking him out. 8D

So the fact that in this game you could actually flirt with the NPCs? GOLD. GOLD TO ME! :D Joking aside, they are each very sweet stories, and partially directing them was a really lovely detail.


Before I go on...

This game has one of the best twists of all time, and trust me when I say you REALLY don't want to be spoiled for it.

Light side female!Revan forevaaaa! :D I tried playing Dark side. I really did. In a few months I plan to give it a go re-playing as a guy and I WILL do DS then. (Or else, me. >_>)

Aaahaha, I adore Canderous. In real life, I'm generally against war, and think fighting for "honor" and "glory" is sort of, well, BS. But if I had to be in the middle of a war, Canderous would be the kind of guy I'd want on my team. I liked having Carth with me for being, well, Carth, but when I actually had a decent fight to get into, I'd switch him out for Canderous. There's something very comforting about how... solid he is. When we got back to the Hawk after the Revan reveal, and Carth was freaking out at me, I had to smile at Canderous' reaction. Of course he would stick by Revan purely for being an excellent fighter. Thanks, bro! :D

Okay, first of all, why are all the videos on YouTube of her with her face modded? :< It just feels so weird that a big part of her story is that she is a Cathar, and people get rid of that? IDGI.
Moving on!
I don't think I'm very good at being a lesbian. XD; I never got her to fall for me. Probably needed to take her around with me more often, but...I liked having Jolee in my party better. I have such a bad gaydar in real life, but I did figure out she was starting to hit on me my first go through, so I was rather proud of that. XD

Aw, Bastila. When she first showed up, I hated her. Me, Carth, Mission and Zaalbar had been having a grand old time, and then she shows up to be like PFFT, YOU DIDN'T SAVE ME, PEASANT, I COULD HAVE GOTTEN OUT BY MYSELF. *TOSSES HAIR* But after a while she grew on me. If anything, this game made me NOT want to be a Jedi. I'LL BE YOUR FRIEND, BASTILLA ;__;

Oh, where to even begin on Carth. How about with a parody?

Click for DevART

Yes he's whiny and difficult, but I adore Carth. XD He's just so fun to bother.

I know there's a lot of complaining about how at least Male!Revan can end up with Bastila no matter what side he chooses, but if you go Dark Side as a female, you have to kill Carth (or, at best in the cut ending, die together with him on the Star Forge). And yeah, that is hella depressing (why Carth, whyyyy couldn't you just be fabulously evil with us!). But that isn't who he is. He's.... a lot like Booth from Bones, actually, thinking about it just now. Just as Booth wholeheartedly believes in his country, Carth is completely loyal to the Republic. Even when he loves you and is risking everything to try and turn your character back to the light, he would rather die than turn his back on the Republic and go over to the darkside.