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So I'm in 5th grade again.

So recently I found animorphs and practically swallowed a lung in excitement to find that there was an active Animorphs community still around. This summer I plan on re-reading the series. Right now I'm on #7.

This series was such a big part of my childhood. It had a lot of "fandom" firsts for me, before I even really knew there was such a thing as fandom. First OTP (Rachel/Tobias 4eva! :D Though I find I'm gaining interest in Rachel/Marco this time around. Don't worry Tobias, I still love you too!), first fictional crush (Marco! XD <333), and no series ending (book, tv, anything) has ever made me as deeply sad as the last book.

Well, we'll see how this goes.

You probably wouldn't think I was the kind of guy who would cry. Mostly I don't. Mostly I make jokes about things. It's better to laugh than to cry, don't you think?

I do.

Even when the world is scary and sad. Especially when the world is scary and sad. That's when you need to laugh.

-Marco, Animorphs #5: The Predator